About Us

It all starts with

The Experience

ae was founded based on a belief: a bonded Team is an attractive team.
It all started from our principal educator’s personal experience in team development.

With this belief, Rodrick started researching on Team building and eventually designed a series of activities and programmes. To share the innovative ways of Team Development, ae was formed.

ae had a faith-testing and humble beginning as a young start-up. Today, ae has managed to make a difference to a list of reputable establishments.

ae have since ran almost 200 programmes in a short span of 4 years. It has been a privilege to share knowledge on Team building, Leadership and Team Profiling with thousands of people. We even had the opportunity to run several overseas programmes.

We learnt that good quality can withstand the test of time.

The Methodology

You need to believe



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In ae, our training focuses on experiential learning.

Experiential Learning activities aim to engage individuals or teams in challenges. They are meant to be thought-provoking, allowing participants to reflect on their experiences, derive useful insights, and incorporate the results through a change in understanding and/or behaviour to the workplace.

ae’s activities are designed such that participants can relate to the challenges they faced, and apply a new method to their workplace.

This is possible by having purposefully designed, hands-on activities, coupled with focused sharing and debriefing, and hence reinforcing the desired outcomes

To reflect the ever-changing needs of younger participants; and to create more relevant and authentic learning experiences, ae constantly update and improve its methodology.

ae strives to meet the learning outcome of the clients.

This, we promise.


The new approach



In ae, we believe that Experiential Learning is a powerful tool and sharing newfound knowledge is beneficial for a team.

However, more often than not, we hear perfectly scripted, politically correct model sharing instead of a personal learning reflection. This will certainly dull the learning experience.

To elicit genuine response, ae uses games and tools like cards, ropes and drawings, to have creative and differentiated sharing experiences. Together with a fun atmosphere and safe environment, participants tend to feel more comfortable and adopt an open minded to share.

When personal learning experiences are shared, the team’s learning is enriched.