Why are Energizers & Ice Breakers essential to a Meeting or Workshop?

Energisers and Ice Breakers are powerful in setting the tone of a meeting or workshop. Often, Energisers and Ice-Breakers are ignored as it consumes precious time, and sound more like excuses to have fun. That is true only when its done incorrectly.

Strategic placement of Ice Breakers and Energisers can be crucial in the success and effectiveness of the meeting and workshop, by leveraging on the interest and attention of participants. Without which, one would expect a ‘Cold Start’ once the agenda begins.

Ice breakers are best deployed when the participants in target are not familiar with one another. As its name suggests, its primary aim is to break the cold barrier between one another, create memories, and friendships, more importantly, build bonds which are crucial for continuity.

Energisers on the other hand, are aimed at increasing energy and attention of participants, and especially useful when the workshop is lengthy. Usually purposefully injected to create a mental recess, and essential to fight the post-meals drowsiness. To debunk the myth, energisers are not just another fun activity; it can be framed to build onto the agenda and to flow naturally in a workshop.

Both Energisers and Ice Breakers, when done purposefully, will improve the mood of workshops and meetings, increase engagement level, and ensure information is cascaded with maximum attention to all participants. On top of that, participants are relaxed and can enjoy the session.

Most of us could related to workshops, meetings, camps and programmes that drained us, and a few which we felt more positive about. As participants, we could exhibit two different spectrum of behaviours, depending on many innate and external factors. By the inclusion of Ice Breakers and Energisers, the participants generally respond better. That’s a big plus for the trainer or anyone chairing a meeting.

The key now is about finding the right trainer/facilitator who can select activities, which can meaningfully link the discussion agenda or training topics in a timely manner.

This is definitely a niche worth exploring and developing.

Article Written by:

Rodrick Lee
Your Passionate Energizerman