Team Building



MBTI is a profiling tool that helps to describe the behaviour of each individual, and unlike other tools it is based on your most natural state of mind to decode each other.

MBTI uses 4 dichotomies to describe each person, mainly the Way :

1.  Our attention and energy are focused
2.  Information are processed
3.  Decision are made
4.  Organization of our life

One of ae’s signature programme, our MBTI workshop is an excellent tool to enhance understanding within the team, and establish greater self-awareness in terms of working style.

We pride ourselves as having one of the most interactive and engaging MBTI workshop.

And we had since conducted workshops for CPIB, DBS Bank, Townsville Pri, ITE College Central, Brighton Youth Fellowship, SAF, MDA, Moomedia, Karl Storz, SPF, as well as Private Entities.